Who We Are?

Estetive is a clinic founded in 2008 and has continued its activities from the beginning until today. In 2014 ESTETIVE decided to expand its business internationally. The field of activity of our clinic is hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation, as well as health services that are related to the field of body aesthetics. Estetive, offers these services with its team of professional experts since day one, and has managed to make its voice heard in this area by specialized surgeons who have been operating for more than 14 years.


The need for services such as hair transplantation, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics is increasing day by day. However, as the need increases, it is observed that the number of professional and non-professional clinics also increases. Aware that health is more important than anything else, our clinic pays particular attention to the professionalism of its employees and the equipment used. There are 4 things that make our clinic so reliable and preferable.

14 Years of Experience!

Experience is the clearest proof that an activity will be done as it should. The fact that our clinic has been operating for 1 to 4 years in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics is the greatest indicator of its reliability. Continuing to operate in industries where the competition and number of clinics is so high and ensuring this continuity for 14 years demonstrates our quality of service and our commitment. It can be said that our clinic, which has always tried to keep customer satisfaction and service quality at extreme levels, has achieved and pursues these goals.

Experienced Staff

Our teammates have been selected from among the best experts in their fields. We have not made any radical changes to our team since entering the industry, because once an environment of trust and mutual respect is established within the clinic, it will not be difficult to convey that trust and respect to the patient. This is why every member of our team is part of the Estetive family.

Treatment In The Hospital

Most “clinics” perform procedures such as hair transplantation, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics in unsterile and unsanitary rooms. This situation is quite risky for the person to whom the operation will be performed. Realizing that health is the most important factor, our clinic performs all these operations in an operating room equipped and 100% sterile. Emsey Hospital is a private hospital that has established itself and acquired a certain notoriety and a good reputation is a guarantee of quality in the healthcare sector. The fact that they have chosen us as his business partner shows that our procedures are irreproachable and achieve excellent results. (JCI accredited hospital: JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL).

About 8,500 Hair Transplants!

Our clinic has performed approximately 8,500 hair transplants since beginning. Each operation is a guarantee of quality for our clinic and a step that leads to the top. One of the most important factors that make us so reliable is our experience.

Our Mission

The main objective of our clinic is to provide the necessary services in accordance with international quality standards, to provide reliability, prestige and continuity in every service we offer.

Our Vision

Being innovative at every stage is one of our fundamental principles and demonstrating that it is necessary to constantly improve without overshadowing ethical values, the competence of our surgeons, quality, service and smile.

When providing a service, we are careful not to think unilaterally and to take into account the wishes, fears and thoughts of the patients who will undergo the operation. Our professional teammates are the secret of the quality of our services and our professionalism. In this way, our clinic helps to keep client satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Advantages

Unlike many clinics, we perform hair transplant operations in a hospital center and in a sterile operating room, not just a hospital room. The comfort and health of our patients is our top priorities.

  • Hospital accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International)
  • Clinic recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Tourism
  • Operation performed by our 2 specialized surgeons with 14 years of experience
  • The latest techniques used FUE / DHI, 2 days DHI and manual extraction.
  • 2 interventions a day to optimize our results 100%
  • Translators at your side during your stay in Turkey and assistance for 12 months after transplantation
  • Analysis of the grafts, of the donor and recipient area
  • Personalized transplant
  • All-inclusive package