Hair Transplant Without Shaving

One of the reasons why many are hesitant to have a transplant is that they have to shave their heads.
With the advancement of technology, people’s requests have changed and this can also be seen in the field of transplantation.
At the beginning, the expectations of patients were only those of having thick hair but then with the advancement of time, technology has made it possible to achieve this with a healthier and more natural result.

The need to hide the surgery performed for personal / professional reasons has led to the emergence of hair transplant without shaving.

Hair transplant without shaving is possible using mainly the DHI method with partial or total shaving

• Total shaving: The complete shaving of the hair is effective both in terms of visibility of the area to be transplanted and in terms of homogeneous extraction from the donor area.

• Partial shaving: Shaving is carried out only in the donor area (the area of the neck between the ears) to homogeneously extract as many follicles as possible.

The main reason for shaving is to allow doctors to perform the procedure more comfortably.


• The biggest problem of hair transplant patients is the artificial appearance. By carrying out the surgery without shaving it is possible to eliminate this

• To achieve a natural look, patients do not need to wait for hair to regrow

• With this method it is easier to continue daily life.

• This method prevents the unsightly appearance in the donor area, where the grafts necessary for the hair transplant are taken.

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