In the field of hair transplantation, the most frequently asked questions are about anaesthesia and the pain one feels.

FUE/DHI hair transplants, beard transplants and eyebrow transplants are operations that are performed under local anaesthesia with medication administered under the skin. Thanks to this, the patient feels no pain during the hair transplant.

Local anaesthesia is one of the most difficult phases for people suffering from needle phobia. In recent years, methods have been developed to minimise this fear.

Procedures such as FUE and DHI hair transplantation take on average 6-8 hours. The local anaesthesia phase lasts only 15 minutes, allowing the patient to feel no pain until the end of the procedure.

Local anaesthesia is applied twice in total. It is applied first in the donor area where the follicular units will be taken and then later in the frontal line

The needle-free anaesthesia method has been widely used in recent years. It is a method that significantly reduces people’s worries and fears. In our clinic, it is applied to every person as standard and at no extra cost.


The application of local anaesthesia is an important and indispensable procedure that enables people to undergo the procedure comfortably and painlessly, allowing the doctor to perform the hair transplant in comfort.

Anaesthesia without needles does not completely eliminate pain, but significantly reduces it. During this phase it is not the needle that causes the pain, but the medication administered under the skin.

Our Aesthetic hair transplant clinic uses technological devices to ensure a comfortable and safe service for our guests.

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