Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of healthcare institutions, while Istanbul has the largest number of hospitals accredited according to JCI (Joint Commission International) standards.

JCI’s mission is to determine compliance with international standards. Estetive provides its patients with services of the highest quality in our hospital accredited according to JCI standards.

Istanbul is a city that receives many foreign visitors as it is home to many cultural heritages, acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

The reasons why Istanbul is so preferred for hair transplantation are;

– Hair transplantation techniques and experience; In the early 2000s with the spread of the FUE technique, clinics constantly developed the latest technologies using new methods such as DHI transplantation, transplantation without shaving, manual extraction, FUE transplantation with sapphire.

Combining this with the experience of the doctors offers the best service to patients, placing Turkey at the top of the list as a favourite destination for hair transplants.

– Quality and reasonable prices in hair transplantation; Another factor in choosing hair transplant centres in Istanbul is that prices are cheaper than in other countries around the world. Without compromising on quality service, our Estetive hair transplant clinic provides medical services in Istanbul. Although affordable prices are effective, it should not be forgotten that below-average prices will affect the quality of the service to be received.

– Patient satisfaction and result: Hair transplantation has been performed in Istanbul for many years and the number of visitors does not decrease in this period, on the contrary, it increases regularly. This is an indicator of patient satisfaction.

Of course, the increase in satisfaction is due to the fact that doctors experienced in hair transplant procedures apply the most appropriate technique to people and recommend them to their social circles when they return to their countries.

– Hair Transplantation and Istanbul Tours: Istanbul offers the opportunity to visit many historical and tourist sites before or after hair transplantation. If desired, we offer the opportunity to visit the most beautiful historical places in Istanbul with our consultants speaking the same language.

We recommend you take advantage of your stay in Istanbul for a cultural tour.