Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment that consists of micro-injections of drugs performed on the skin of the skull to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth by activating the cells that have entered the period of stagnation.
The medicines used in mesotherapy are applied in small doses with special needles, under the skin, in the problem area. The advantage of this method is that the drugs are effective and the side effects are low.
While hair mesotherapy can be applied manually, special tools known as Derma Pen can be used for effective treatment. 

This featured pen allows you to inject a larger area in a shorter time, minimizing complications.

Hair strengthening and hair loss prevention

Hair mesotherapy is performed to strengthen existing hair and prevent hair loss. However, hair mesotherapy is effective in strengthening the hair follicle, awakening dormant hair follicles, revitalizing treated hair, especially in women, and giving it shine.

Who can do hair mesotherapy?

People with genetic hair loss,
Women who have suffered from hair loss during pregnancy and hormonal disorders,
People who wish to preserve transplanted hair and existing hair,
People who have suffered acute hair loss due to stress or any other reason.

A health questionnaire is required before performing mesotherapy.
• Do you use anticoagulants for any reason?
• Do you smoke? How much per day?
• Do you use alcohol and drugs?

Also, if you have any of the following diagnoses, mesotherapy treatment is not applied;

• Acute or chronic infection
• Cancer
• Skin disease
• Hypertension
• Arrhythmia
• Low platelet count
• Thyroid disease
• Liver disease
• Infectious disease
• Sepsis

How many hair mesotherapy sessions are applied?

The number of sessions and the frequency of hair mesotherapy are decided, taking into account the determining reasons such as the type of hair loss of the person and the severity of the fall. It can be applied 4 to 8 sessions per month in people with severe hair loss. Usually once a week or 2 sessions a month are sufficient.